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intuitivní  tvorba

  • Sabinotic

What does ´Heket´ mean and why did I name the painting that way?

As you may already know, most of the themes for my paintings come to me in my dreams or during a day through visions. Usually as various shapes, colours or smells in my head. It was similar in the case of this painting.

"The vision appeared to me one night in a dream."

A specific fragment specifically stuck in my head - structured frame, stuck on the canvas. The next morning after I woke up I didn't wait any minute; I went to the stores and looked for the exact frame I saw in my dream. To my surprise right in the first shop I visited, they had the exact frame which I dreamed of. So I didn't hesitate with my purchase and, full of happiness, I went home to start with the painting.

I layered the colours exactly like I felt was important and the whole process took place very easily. I continued in the style of creation which I´ve been doing now since the beginning of the year;very freely, without thinking and a little bit of experimentation. In this case, like the experiment and new experience, the frame appeared, as well as the eggshells . While observing the emerging motive, I was pretty sure that it would be another piece that would belong to the women paintings series.

"The painting was finished yet I still had questions on my mind like what exactly is it?"

What is it connected with? “It looks like a frog”, my boyfriend suggested and I said to him “ A frog? How did you think of that please? It sounds interesting but I was not trying to be that specific…”

But still I had his words in my head and still I didn't share the painting. It somehow matured. The breaking point came after many days when I had what I call the open-minded mood. These are the moments when I have such huge waves of creativity, ideas and new enthusiasm. In this mood I got a new idea: “What is the connection between femininity and the frog?”

You can find many Interpretations on the internet. Mostly I resonated with the interpretation of the Egyptian goddess called Heket, which had a frog's head instead of a human head. From the first sight of this name till the end of reading the information, I basically knew it was “IT”.

Heket was an ancient Egyptian goddess of birth, fertility, water and rebirth. The Egyptians were associating frogs with the Nile mud which meant for them a crop, thus fertility.

Midwives were very often marked like maids of Heket and her priestesses themselves practiced this profession. Women weared during a pregnancy an amulets with a goddes displayed as a frog sitting on the waterlily. Here I have to mention that it connected to me beautifully why I put the eggshells on the painting - I perceive it as a symbol of new life and fertility.

I see it all like one big synchronicity and that's why I decided to name the painting ‘Heket’.

By the way, frogs are very often related with transformation and new beginnings.

To find the meaning of this painting “Heket” led me down an unknown but adventurous path.

It´s a beautiful example for if we listen to our inner voice, observe our dreams and we aren't afraid, things that arise can exceed our expectations.


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