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intuitive creations


  • material: canvas on wooden frame, mixed media

  • 100 x 100cm

  • Price of original painting: €1169


How the painting was made?

The origins of this painting go back to the time, when one day I wanted to show all the emotions that I had hidden inside myself and depict them on the canvas. I applied diffrent layers and shades of the colours, and then I mixed them in all corners of the canvas. I also added glitters and chalk pieces. Thank to this, the abstract scene has a new dimension.

As soon as I saw the finished abstract artwork, it was clear to me that it would be great to paint something else on such an interesting and structure-rich basis. So without thinking, I took the brush into my hand and a portrait of two beings emerged, which gradually uncovered the idea of the whole picture.

I see the painting as revolutionary in my work, because I chose several methods I haven´t used so far. 

For example, the frame of the painting I have modeled by myself, edited and then sticked to the canvas.

"Is there really true love?"


"And what does love mean?"