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intuitivní  tvorba


Paintings full of passion and depth to support your inner woman, growth and rediscover your inner power and nature.

We all want to feel free, happy in our boddies, give, receive love and do what fills us.


Simply to be your own and harmonious. Often we don´t succeed, whether due to education or certain life situations, and we need to get back inside us and find out who we really are.


...and these are not the only things which have led me to create and disseminate female paintings all over the world.

Why do I create women paintings?

I started depicting women´s issues about two years ago, when I was dealing with hormonal imbalances,  my own childbirth and the question of femininity as such.  The first painting wast the "Awakened femininity", and then more and more began to gather.


For some, the depiction of female genitalia is quite a controversial topic, but I think there is no need, especially nowadays to stick to the taboo that has been experienced so far.

We all have the sexual system, each of us is born in almost the same way, and therefore I see this representation as a natural part of life. However it’s enough to look at the art of ancient cultures where respect for women, motherhood and it’s portrayal were absolutely something common.


I see no reason to display vagina, yoni or add a name that is comfortable to you... so pause and address whether it’s appropriate or not. No we can ask ourselves whether it’s ok for human life to originate the way it originates, or whether it´s suitable, for example, to go swimming in a swimsuit. Probably this topic is related to human nudity and sexuality as such. Nudity is something most people are ashamed of and perceive their body as something to hide. This created unnecessary blocks. The roots of these problems go back to history, of course, but it´s time to drop this burden.


I meet people who ask me: "And why are you portraying it like that, aren´t you ashamed?" "Why do you even do it?"

Or: "These things aren´t displayed, they aren´t talked so openly and in addition to everything in public."

Do you have any questions about paintings or do you desire to own your own women paintings? Feel free to contact me via form below and I´ll be happy to answer.

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