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intuitive creations


Do you long for a painting that will be the symbol of Yourself? It´s possible. By channeling to particular people, I create commission paintings.

How it works?


At first I would be interested in why you want to create the painting. If we don´t find any concrete reason, we´ll continue and through the mutual debate I will gradually channel into you. I will listen purely to Your words and wait for "revelation" of the theme. The theme comes to me in different ways, but most of the time I perceive it, see it or feel it inside my head. It can appear to me in the form of colors, patterns, shapes, lines, scents, numbers, etc. Or, it "appears" straight away. Then I design the sketch of your painting and together we can consult about it or you can be surprised by the final result. Sometimes it happens that I don´t know how detailed the artwork will look, because I paint fluently in the present moment. So far, every painting I have created has been in perfect harmony with the owner, which clearly shows me that this process is the right one. This is the brief foundation of how the process usually looks, but thanks to Your uniqueness, the process may vary at some points.

"Heavenly knight", 30x40 cm, mixed media

What do you get?


A personal painting with a message for you. You´re getting a unique symbol, an object that can be with you from a certain stage until the rest of your life and thanks to it, it grows with you whilst you also grow alongside it. You´ll discover the meaning of this object by observing it with your inner sight and attuning to it with your own heart. Of course, another point is that it´s a decoration that will perfectly complement your space.

What is the price?


The price depends mainly on the selection of the material to be painted. Another possible determinant is whether additional decorations such as special stones, plastic details, glitter, etc.


Generally speaking, the price of the painting on the canvas is €0,15/ cm2.

Process of sketching

For how long can I have a painting?


It´s individual. It´s dependent on the size of the work and the actual workload. Smaller pieces can be done in a few days.


If you have any questions or interested in creating your personal piece, you can contact me via e-mail: info.sabinotic@gmail.com, phone +420 604 917 889 or on social networks.

"Era", 50x40cm, mixed media

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